National Military History Center

Generation after generation, men and women have laid down their lives to preserve the freedoms of this country. At Kruse Museums, we have created the National Military History Center as a place where people can come to understand these sacrifices made in behalf of freedom. There is an appealing environment for all ages which includes several life-like and interactive attractions to help all who enter come to understand more about our great American Military.

Kruse Museum Preserves Military Experiences

Our goal isn’t only to honor those who have served, but to preserve memories and experiences that can help deepen our visitor’s understanding of the sacrifice and honor of all those who have served. Taking a deeper look into all the aspects of the wars our country has actively fought in can be a wonderful learning experience for all who enter.

True American Military Stories

Kruse Museums is proud to have compiled a collection of stories and real-life experiences from many honorable men and women. This along with the genuine machinery we have gathered create a riveting visual experience to help take visitors back in time to put themselves in these hero’s shoes even for a moment. Kruse Museums has spent countless hours researching these events to provide our visitors with accurate information to help learn and understand our military in a whole new light.

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