Why We Visit Museums & Importance of Museum Education for Children, Students & Adults!


Visit any city in the country and you are sure to find museums representing a wide variety of subjects from science, history, the arts, military, cars and more. There are a number of educational bonuses to visiting museums giving children in particular an opportunity to experience first-hand the lessons they learn in school. For the adults on the other hand, it allows us to share our children’s discovery of new things while also offering encouragement as we watch them soar to new heights. One way to prepare for your visit is to scroll through the chosen museum’s website and search the internet for recommendations on the exhibits for example, short films and interactive demonstrations. Children under ten enjoy museums with exhibits that offer a more hands-on approach which allows for a combination of play and learning.

Connect with Museum Exhibits

Even if you plan on visiting a museum that is strictly for viewing purposes, children of all ages can enjoy looking at the artifacts, paintings and other items of interest that encourage learning. Supply them with a sketch book and encourage them to draw the items that they find especially interesting or write notes about a particular favorite that you can research at home on the computer. Connecting with exhibits can help bring them to life and encourage learning about by-gone eras.

Museum Activities for Students & Others

There are many museums that offer art in an interactive form where visitors can experience music and dance through workshops and classes to encourage children to express themselves through movement. Check the museum schedule before planning your visit to ensure that any special activities are available the day you are planning on attending. Other areas to research including admission fee, amenities and access to restaurants and snack bars. The majority of museums are wheelchair and stroller accessible and some museums even provide strollers for a modest rental fee.

Military & Automotive Museums in Auburn, Indiana

Upon arrival stop by the information desk and ask for a map to encourage your children to help navigate to the different locations within the museum. As a general rule, check out the locations that the kids are most interested in first, this way you can encourage them and receive their full attention before they become tired. Plan on taking plenty of rest breaks and don’t rush. If the museum you are visiting turns out to be a success with the kids you may even want to consider purchasing an annual pass so you can return and look at new exhibits when they become available. Annual passes also come with a number of extra perks such as discount prices for classes and workshops, and a members-only door which allows you to by-pass any lines. Some memberships even include admission to other museums in the area allowing you to receive a lot more bang for your buck. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a bargain especially one that will keep the kids occupied and for hours at a time? Come by Kruse Museums today and see all that we have to offer!

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